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Riley Woodcock Velotecha Supervisor

I am a bike mechanic, educator and leader. Much of my work experience involves inclusion of persons with disabilities, social integration, education and coaching downhill mountain biking.

I love riding bikes as well as working outdoors and want to share that experience with youth. Some of my starting goals include; providing opportunities for work experience and skills to over 100 youth, educate the community about bikes and maintenance, grow our social enterprise to better serve the community and promote green initiatives.

I enjoyed every day I had in our healing homes, but the work was demanding. Seeing the challenges that the youth faced was a difficult experience. It opened my eyes to the tragedies that are created because of systemic racism, lack of opportunities, poverty and abuse. It strengthened my resolve to provide an environment where the youth can feel safe, valued and have fun.

My goal at this point is to ensure that we can continue to offer these same services while building on what we have done so far.

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